As someone that isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, I find Github to be a god send. It really makes coding a dream, and it makes collaborative coding amazingly easy.

The current project I’m working on involves nearly a dozen libraries. There’s a huge difference between those on Github and those hosted else where. For one, the code hosted else where just sits in my lib directory. I make modifications to it and commit to our internal version control system (Perforce). If I want to commit those back it nearly always ends up being an arduous process of building diff files and going through a multi-week issue/communication with an author.

Now flip over to Github, let’s say there’s a minor issue with a particular feature. I open an issue and the author is notified via email. The next day that feature may get fixed. Even if it isn’t, I fork the code base and make my own. That’s how my dashboard is now almost 30 repositories full. I have no qualms getting in there and hacking away at some things. More often than not I learn 10 things for every one I bring to the table. It’s incredibly rewarding and I thank Github for this.

Github provide an amazing service to the world and the betterment of developer kind. I owe much of my working knowledge to Github committing code, reading code, and learning code from them.

My latest projects include in no particular order: Fonttest enumerates the 30+ font’s from the excellent M+ non-web fonts, I’m working on WOFFing, EOTing them via FontSquirrel. This is also my first start at Github Pages, and it is totally amazing as usual. jodoc-js This is a port from the amazing jodoc perl library. It allows standard markdown and scraping of JavaScript of files. I’m working to improve the Table of Contents building and automagic link building. I’m heavily considering starting fresh with a new repository to reduce some of the technical debt.

On a side note, don’t you wish you could EMACS the world? How many times do I ctrl+s, ctrl+b a day in the web browser and end up with some crazy shit going on :(